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X-mas cd 2000

Although most fans in the US have just now recieved their cd, it was well worth it. Dream Theater corectly titled this cd "Cleaning Out The Closet", which empties out the entire DT song list for the last decade. In this cd, you'll find that most of the songs have a Rush influence. While many seem like they were off of the new Platypus CD(But they weren't). The cd also contins a 7 minute behind the "SCENES", which features the bands working hard (except ofcourse LaBrie pplaying basketball.), in May of 99', before SFAM was released.

Track By Track

Don't Look Past Me

It starts strong at the begining but toward the end gets corny. But the begining lyrics have nice effect on you. Overall I'll give it a 6.8.

To Live For Ever '91

Now this is Dream Theater. John wrote powerful and very meaningful lyrics for this song. I give it 9.4.

To Live Forever '94

There really isn't much of a difference except that it is about 25 seconds lnger and Kevin Moore wrote alternat lyrics for it. 9.5


A very imotional instrumental, probally their best. 9.6

Raise The Knife

The begining sounds very much like Rush. Its a very good song and the lyrics were written very well. 8

Where You Are Now

Again, one of those songs that sound like Rush. But overall very good. 8.6

The Way IT Used To Be

This has a Rush and a Billy Joel-ish feel to it. 7

Cover My Eyes

This song can be downloaded from my site for your own collection. 7

Speak To Me

This is a great song and is one of DT's best. Great Guitar solo. 9

Overall I give this cd an 8. But there is one more track on this cd. You might be familiar with "Finally Free" the part with Victoria, and the twins all fighting, this track has all the entire fighting sounds.

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