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It turns out that Dream Theater and Fates Wanring have a lot of repeating history. I'll give you everything that I've researched about both bands.

Year Fates Warning Year Dream Theater
1987 Fates Warning released "Ivory Gate Of Dreams". A 20+ minute masterpiece. 1995 Dream Theater released "A Change Of Seasons". A 23+ minute masterpiece
1991 Fates Warning accidently writes "Dream Theatre" a frequently mistaken mis-spelling. In the Parallel's liner notes 1992 Dream Theater counter attacks with: "Fatez Warning" in the liner notes on Images And Words
1994 Fates Warning and Dream Theater tour their 1994 releases: Inside Out and Awake
1997 Fates Warning releases "A Pleasent Shade Of Grey". A whopping 55+ minute song. 1999 Dream Theater releases "Metropolis Part 2: Scenes From A Memory". A 77 minute concept album.
1998 Fates Warning releases a two cd live album, "Still Life". 1998 Dream Theater releases "Once In A LIVEtime".
1998 Fates Warning's "Still Life" has a face on it. 1999 Dream Theater's "Scenes From A Memory" has a face on it. And so does "Once In A Live Time"
Kevin Moore who left Dream Theater in 1994 because of creative differences, and wanting to get out of Progressive, plays on FW's APSoG, and Disconnected

All this info I've researched and compiled myself. If you have any other conspiracy facts about Fates Warning and Dream Theater, please contact me.
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