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Recent Updates

July 4th

I suggest you click on this link: here.

June 1st

Well I finally got my X-mas CD last week. Some good stuff. If you look at the cover from far away you have very bad collage of the ytsejam symbol. Anyways, since DT has pretty much given away most of the clues to SFAM I'm gonna re-write the MET page to be something else. Also, I hope you visit the Official site, turns out that they will be releasing a Triple Live CD of the roseland concert. This will have the complete 4 hour show. Estimated release is in Sept. So thats what's going on the Dream Theater world.

April 6th

Many of you probably know about whats been going on with the constant release date changes for the DVD and video. Well, the DVD's date has changed twice so far and the video once. But now it seems that in Japan the video is out and soon many other countries will also have release dates that are closer than US's April 24th date. So if anyone wants to write a review or teaser, contact me at

March 31st 2001

Mark Bredius has done yet again. He redesigned the Dream Theater official site. Looks great. Hope you all visit the message board.

Among Other news I will soon have a list of all the boots that I'm willign to trade for DT, TA and other bands. Until then you can still contact me and we can still make a trade.

March 25th 2001

I finished the redesigning of TransAtlantic Winds. Hope you like it.

March 13th 2001

Well there has been a lot of news so bare with me.
A few weeks ago CDNow allowed pre-orders of the Roseland DVD. It turned out that it went directly to Number 1 with in one day. And it was just a pre-order. A few days later all pre-orders were canceled due to and error in manufacturing. It will now be released April 24th.

A short 1 minute preview(much like the teaser) can be found here. Again you will need RealPlayer 8.

Platypus is no more. It is now with out Derek and has been renamed Jelly Jam. Also, Derek's Solo CD Inertia will be out very soon.

February 11th 2001

If you had trouble connecting to the site, we were changing servers. But we're back, and soon better than ever. I might even have a few new features here.

February 3rd 2001

I don't know if you noticed but I changed the logo for the site. I got sick of the other one. It think this is pretty cool.

January 2nd 2001

Mark (the webmaster of UACM) is allowing for the teaser that was provided for download, can be distrubuted. So it is now availabe at our site. You can download it here.

December 29th 2000

For those of you having problems with the Holiday Surprise from Dream First you must downlaod and install RealPlayer8 from Then the DT server will reconize that you have a working version and it will allow you to download the file. You must then use an unzipping software to open the file. Also, if you do not see the special page to download the file, refresh the page w/ your browser. It should come up. If ypou have any problems contact me, or post a message at the official DT board.

December 23rd

Well another project that I've been working on has finally been fin....uhhh, well it's almost complete. But 1/2 of it works. It's a Progressive Community that indexes all the best fansites. There is also a message board for everyone and I plan to start a small 88x31 button exchange. Well, I know you're wondering about it, so click here.

November 28th

Today is the day one year ago that DTH was started. I originally wanted to post ideas about their recent concept album, SFAM. But soon I learned pure HTML, cgi, ssi, and now I'm into Flash. I plan to competly redesign DTH using SSI and with a probable Flash intro. I thank you for the 10,000+ visitors(counting the first 3 months which are not found on the Site Meter), 1,000,000+ page views which has forced me to look for a new server every few months.

Look for a New Metropolis Page Soon!!!

November 18th

For all of you Platypus fans, Ty Tabor's King's X was 83rd in VH1's greatest hard rock bands of all time. You also could have seen Steve Morse talking about King Crimson.

November 10th

I added some information on the Fates Warning/Dream Theater Conspiracy. Also, check out the news section of my TransAtlantic site, you'll find something pretty interesting there.

October 26th

Turns out that some DT songs off SFAM has been featured on Dragon Ball Z movie. Dragon Ball Z, is a Japanese Anime kids program. It has been translated to almost all of the major launguages. However the USA has just caught on the DBZ craze since late 95. The Movie is titled "History Of Trunks".

October 24th

One of the best DT fansites out there has a whole new look. Lines In The Sand has redesigned their site to version 3.0. It looks pretty good. They also, have a lot of new shows on mp3 format. Keep up the good work.

DTH will also have a few mp3's up. But my server has only 10mb's of space(Thats what you get for $5 a month). So, you will see only one mp3 from a certain show a week. This way I'll have more returning traffic and less of a hassle keeping everyone busy.

October 1st

Well, I've completed my TransAtlantic site. You can find it at or It's basically a subsidiary of this site and they look kinda the same too. Check it out to see if you like it at all.

September 23rd

Many people who orginally enlisted for the DT mp3 server that I was planning to host are now again contacting me. I think that I'm going to start a DT mp3 exchange. 1 for 1. 1mb, for 1mb. I'll have more info soon.

September 10th

Well This will be that last time I redesign the site until the next album is released. The site is much easier to view, as well as for me to upgrade. Please view it in IE 4.0 or higher. Netscape Sucks.

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