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Rudess Interview

These were just a few questions that people have sent to me for the interview. I thought there would be more. Oh Well.

1) I saw you at Orlando and I noticed that you had only one keyboard, how much(approximately) does all the equipment cost to do what you do?

The keyboards are Kurzweil keyboards and the approximate value is 10,000 dollars .. I use one 2600 keyboard and one 2600 rack. I also have backup units of each on hand always.

2) What does DT have planned for the rest of the year?

We will tour thru october and than take a break and start working on the next album probably sometime early next year.

3) Although Derek is now out of the band, do you guys plan to have any special appearances of Nightmare Cinema? And what instrument would you play?

No there is no plan for that. I do play some guitar. Sometimes I take a quick lesson with JP backstage before the shows!

4) What do you find different when with Dream Theater than any of the other bands that you've been with?

There are so many things to cover both on a musical level and also just the business side of the band. In this band each member deals with quite a lot of different responsibilities that make the whole thing work!

5) What advice do you have for other younger keyboardist?

Listen to a lot of different music. Remember that playing keyboards is a physical art as well as anything else, and time has to be spent training your fingers to do what your mind imagines. Practice hard!

6) Who inspires you the most?

Chopin, YES, Hendrix, Genesis. Old ELP- stuff like that..

7) When does DT plan for Met 3?

No plan for that at all.

8) What do you think about bootlegs of live performances?

Please make sure we get a copy! If you dig the band please support us in our releases and our live shows so we can keep doing what we do!

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